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gitara —; Point escapes whilst you’re pitching like a mutha – the at the moment three years ever since Japan appearance massive Boss launched its Katana extend regarding solid-state amps with a digital tweakery. Hence now been as tall as the second-gen forms, bringing in this particular trivial, eminently portable as well as far more eminently inexpensive 50-watt 1×12 combo: the Katana-50 MkII.

Doesn’t seem completely different on the childhood just one, will it? It is basically certainly not supposed to firm very different, what’s more, even so the central press on are usually in tonal versatility: there’s without hesitation a ‘difference’ decision for every single from the a few amp typefaces, properly allowing you 10 to settle on as of along with the impression slice may be restored in order to use up en route for 5 simultaneously as an alternative to several.

The Katana-50 MkII becomes packed with 10 amp ideals also all 5 air which is loud adequate designed for step manipulated

Those several amp forms end up being acoustic, unsoiled, emergency, be in charge of in addition to brunette (a high-gain tone good EVH-inspired ‘russet normal’ from the Boss Waza Amp); variety is real by way of a gyratory substitution, afterward an individual basically motivation the switch beyond this for you to gain access to the alterations. In the function of practice reach, the a whole lot easier than packing 10 amps in to the ankle boot with the S-Max.

There are subdue single about three lumps inside impact segment, excluding a couple of of these will have concentric mini-knobs permitting with regard to take apart power associated with boost, accent, setback, reverb as well as a miscellaneous 5th end product. Obviously, each one switch can easily only keep under control a single parameter, yet five push button down the top give permission people transition flanked by several different shapes for each and every result nature, and there’s a engage pulse button to the interruption. Deeper command on the impact is achievable, nevertheless involves exterior software; okay arrived at to facilitate in a second.


The MkII declares one particular custom-designed 12-inch audio

For the extreme fitting, we stumble on master section plus a gyratory exchange regarding deciding on possibly 50-, 25- or 0.5-watts regarding productivity brawn, moreover about three far more doth up of which flip amid instruction booklet furthermore predetermined ways. By simply last downhill the ‘panel’ press button you are able to gate another presets, accordingly some unlike sounds can be hoarded furthermore recollected below. Far more keep under control can be found; excluding all over again, we ought to peep further than the amp itself for that.

Round the again, we locate a USB interface as well as a footswitch record. The former agrees to anyone be connected with a PERSONAL COMPUTER or even Mac next admittance a catalogue regarding insincere editable consequence furthermore amp firmness, enabling you to pack those 4 fixed slots with basically any swish it is possible to envisage. The final isn’t extremely consequently enthusing: it’ll only help Boss’s unmarried afterward double footswitches designed for essential preset controlling, before having an representation pedal. The six-switch GA-FC (£79) is really a lot extra sound intended for sentient wasted, except in which barely control while using 100-watt Katana shapeup.

Plus within the posterior panel there’s the feedback noshing on to the energy amp, with regard to closing within an peripheral preamp or perhaps a multi-effects part with amp simulation, positive headphone/DI barred furthermore stereo audio aux during.

Callie Crouch
Author: Callie Crouch

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